Performa 17 BIENNIAL NYC

African Artist Kendell Geers loves to hate and hates to love the father of conceptual art. In this spoken word ritual killing of the father, historical fact, mythology, fiction and fantasy are blended in a quasi-art historical spoken work performance. Everything you thought you knew about Marcel Duchamp will be changed forever as he is exposed as spy, Rosicrucian, initiate, sexual predator, secret society master general and thief. Tighten the seatbelts of your expectations as you are taken on a guided tour, racing through time in a spectacular detour of history, by a master trickster of the spoken word.


Ladies and Gentlemen



The intoxication of being

Artist talk at Goodman Gallery


163 Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood, Johannesburg, ZA

August 16th at 6pm



Lecture at SAIC


Video: Kendell Geers lectures at SAIC, Chicago in February 2014.





Following the blind man

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As part of the Copycat Academy program at the Luminato Festival, Kendell will be giving a three hour lecture titled "Following the Blind Man" about Marcel Duchamp and the Voodoun Connection.

June 12, 8 p.m
1115 Queen Street West Toronto
luminato festival