Be aware, There Be Dragons
Respect the demons, trust the angels, be aware of the in between
Pray, prey, seed, sing, punk, pain, good, evil, shit, piss, dick, cunt, love, hate, need, lust and fuck are all four letter words for good reason
Take Time, Give Space
Art is made out of the debris in the head-on collision of reality and the imagination
Every artist should write their manifesto at least once in each lifetime
Every manifesto is valid only for the time of writing and thereafter begins to expire
My body and all its scars, wrinkles, odours, liquids, desires and process cannot be ugly
If you don t know your real name, you cannot give birth to your true self !
Life does not have a backup or a guarantee and is lived forwards in real time only
Believe in what you create and create only what you believe in
Language, violence, sexuality, politics, history, contradiction, subjectivity, expressionism, excess, love, faith and natural magick
Radicalise subjectivity and revolutionise objectivity
The sole task of the artist should be to spiritualise matter and materialise spirit
Re-Lease your Mind, Occupy your body, Feed in to your Spirit
Create with your heart, listen with your eyes and feel without thinking
Cleanse the doors of your perception to open your heart unto the darkness with your eyes focussed on the blinding light of contradiction
Embrace opposition without reconciliation
Update faith with contradiction
Forge Dissent upon the anvils of desire
Only violence produces change
Loose ends start fires
Knowing when to stop is half the problem
Surrender to the extreme
Risk everything without fear, transgress without limits, crisscrossing every border
The body never lies, spirit never dies,
Celebrate sex blindly
Let go to take control
Read the signs with respect to the laws of chance
Transgression is the code if you respect the secret
Seek out your true nature beyond the safety of habit and convention
Discomfort is the canary inside the goldmine of consumption
Sexuality is key, fear the lock
Fuck, its true !
Unnatural Laws should be broken, Natural Laws respected
Living art cannot be made without lived experiences
Transmute the lead of experience into the golden art
Without Magick, there is no Art
Every artist should start as an alchemist and every alchemist as an artist
Knowledge cannot be taught and starts within
Information is not knowledge, knowing is not intelligence
Art fairs are foul money laundering machines
Locate the talisman in capitalism
Use counter-culture to counter the culture of the counter
Art galleries are aesthetic stock exchanges
Relational ethics are the cornerstone of aesthetics
The work of art is the totem pole around which the system dances and not the other way round
The price of art is a worthless indication of the artist s socio-political use value, nothing more
Contaminate art fairs with the virus of vision and charge of faith
The art market is a habit forming drug that will inevitably crash and burn
Curators and collectors are an occupation hazard to be kept a broken arm s length away
Withdraw work from the market periodically
Everything is not for sale
In the art market nobody wants to hear your scream
All art is political, conceptual, mystical and erotic
Never trust a frustrated artist
Creation is a political-erotical-mystical art that resists convention and protests assimilation
Cinema has made our imaginations lazy and television is its tombstone
I believe in an art of the imagination that can change the world, one perception at a time
Truth exists only within the imagination
Thought is already a second hand experience Prioritise the primary
Truth is only one point of view
Truth is not always beautiful or positive
Nothing is more important to the work of art than the work of art
Art about art is not about art
A bad idea cannot be improved upon with assistants or good techniques
Help the world by scratching where it does not itch
Shake the tree of life until the monkeys fall out
Slick art inevitable slips
Reduce work to essential basics
Simplicity is the only sophistication
Simplify the simple with simplicity
Excess and ecstasy cleanse the spirit from the quotidian grind
Risk everything with excess
History is written by the winner
Free Time
Art Unfolds, Unpack its history
Habit is a mind killer and comfort its alibi
Ethical artists should be amoral
History is not evolutionary
Dance around the revolution
Recycle revolutions periodically
Write, Rite, Riot, Rot !
If you don t know your history you are doomed to plagiarise it
Spell Mistakes
Theory must never outstrip performance
Common sense for common people
Speak with a sharp tongue in the cheek of expectations
Love is above the law, under will
Make art, like love
Humility and sincerity inspire integrity
Destruction should be in equal balance with creation
Use repetition as a mantra until meaning is transformed into Dark Matter
Trance Form
Less found objects and more profound art with more objections
Meaning is a fluid that should never be contained
Art should be transformative or not at all
The work of art is not created but conjured into existence
The work of art can never be reduced to the sum of its parts
Cynicism is a stupid surrender
Cynicism and parody destroy true creation
Find the courage to step outside from the crowd and grow tall in the Shit
Embrace kings and queens with the same passion and whores and fools.
If it can be explained, it should not be created. If it can be said, it need not be made
Create with silence and from emptiness
Fashions Dictate, then destroy dissent
One-Liners and novelty expire when fashions fade The artist should be socially responsive but never socially responsible
Look down, look up, dive in, upside down, inside out
Past, present, future and all here, now, nowhere
Time is energy
Reality is just another illusion, to bite
Break open the head and surrender to your animal, vegetable and mineral minds
Language is a divine curse
Breath with spirit
Baptise your self with fire
Let Nature be your mentor and chance your guide
Inner gods we trust
Embrace human error with divine relish
Every fear is an invitation, Every mistake an opportunity
Uncomfortable solutions work
Send holy cows to the rodeo and the bullshit to the matador
Kill your Idols, with pleasure
Everything is connected and interconnected
God lives in the details and the Devil in design
Surrender to the bigger picture
Speak the unspoken, pronounce the unmentionable, invoke the indescribable
Every city is local
Love Yours elf
Be auty I snot en ough
Punk snot dead
Burn once, read and destroy
The plague is me