Kendell talks about Counting Out Song (a.k.a. Tyre) at Manifesta 9, June 2012.



Tyre (a.k.a. Counting Out Song) (1988) consists of two Goodyear truck tyres. One lies flat on the ground whilst the other is positioned standing upright, resting on the tyre below. The tyre placed upright has been altered with the text Eeny Meeny Miny Mo. Catch A Nigger By His Toe. If He Hollers Let Him Go.  

This version of the old rhyme dates back to the abolition of slavery in the US. New perceptions of racially offensive language have made it unrepeatable in most circles, “but I still hear kids using it”, says Kendell.



States of emergence growing up in apartheid South-Africa, by Warren Siebrits