extract from Here lies Kendell Geers, the cannibal, Paulo Herkenhoff (Irrespektiv published by BOM Publishers in cooperation with SMAK (Ghent), B.P.S.22 (Charleroi), Baltic (Gateshead), MOCA (Lyon) and MART (Trento), 296 pages, ISBN 978-84-934879-5-9, Barcelona, August 2007)

[…] In Terrorealismus,  2003, an interrupted electrical flow turns the initial neon letters for the words: “TERROR” “BORDER” and “DANGER” into a decontrolled: “ERROR,” “ORDER” and “ANGER.”1 The malfunctioning electricity becomes a condition of the lettering. For Geers, the clarification of language lies within the collapse of texts. These words become a reversed form of Concrete Poetry.[…]

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